17 June 2024,   17:26
Statement of Rustavi 2

In connection with the statement made by journalist Giorgi Gabunia in the program "Post Scriptum", we deem necessary to fix the position of the TV Company. First of all, we apologize to the audience because of the fact. We believe that in any situation, a journalist must observe the editorial policy of the channel and the corresponding ethical requirements of high-rated broadcasting even while defending certain values and even in an author`s program.
The form of expression, including an acute and provocative one, is permissible only under the condition that it complies with the ethic norms defined by the channel and in general those of the society. It is important that the journalist when making his own copyright statement should consider the context of the circumstances of the TV company. We believe that Giorgi Gabunia"s expression is not in compliance with the high standards established by our channel and the TV company"s regulatory body will discuss this issue.
In addition, the TV company believes to be categorically unacceptable the attacks and threats made by the Georgian authorities in response., Such statements from the government and moreover the threats regarding the response due to the violation of ethical standards by the anchor constitute restriction of freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution, interference in media freedom and legalization of censorship.
In the context of the events in connection with the TV Company Rustavi 2, such action of the government presents a real danger of taking revenge with the TV company. We call on the public, in addition to considering the violation of ethical standards by journalists, to have a strict response to the Government`s statements.