25 June 2021,   07:04
Mobilization of law enforcers on Rustaveli Avenue - Police units deployed at parliament

Mobilization of law enforcers in Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue. Police units were deployed at the Parliament building and nearby.
Representatives of the Department of Special Tasks were deployed in four rows.
According to the "Courier", the mobilization of police officers has occurred in regions too. Participants of the anti-occupation rally refuse to change their plans and announce the continuation of a peaceful fight.
The traffic movement on Rustaveli Avenue has already been restored. The buses that divided participants of two rallies were removed from the territory.
The participants of the anti-occupation rally were able to enter Rustaveli Avenue at 6:00 am. The demand is unchanged - resignation of the Minister of the Interior, who should take political responsibility for the bloody raid of the June 20 rally.
"In the morning they decided to open Rustaveli avenue and we were able to go to the territory where we have been protesting for 20 days already. We have not provided security guarantees, on the contrary, yesterday they clearly and openly stated that if we were going to move to this territory, they would not be able to protect us. Such an irresponsible attitude comes from the Minister of the Interior, "said Sergi Kapanadze, one of the leaders of" European Georgia ".