25 November 2020,   12:45
Bloody scuffle on Lisi Lake - Gocha Vepkhvadze, wounded in the incident, died

Bloody scuffle at Lisi Lake - according to the “Kurieri”, Gocha Vepkhvadze, who was wounded in the incident, died in hospital today. 41-year-old man was taken to a regional clinic on October, 6 with serious injuries. Despite the doctors" one-week battle, the wounds proved incompatible with life.

The confrontation between several people started on Gakhokidze Street and continued in the vicinity of Lisi Lake, where 41-year-old Vepkhvadze was wounded in a car and then left near his house.

The case is being investigated under Articles 236, 3 and 4, 117 and 143 (unlawful purchase / possession of a firearm, intentional serious injury to health and unlawful deprivation of liberty).