25 February 2021,   14:17
"If I were the president, I would definitely go to the Prosecutor"s office," - Tea Tsulukiani

"If I were the President, I would definitely go to the Prosecutor"s Office". Such statement made Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani while commenting the decision of Salome Zourabichvili, who does not consider it necessary to come to the Prosecutor"s Office to answer questions about the pardon scandal.

According to the Minister, it is important that the moratorium process announced by the President be completed soon.

"It is not a crime to ask questions at the prosecutor"s office. When the President announced a moratorium, she then ordered that the new Parliament would start working on new norms. I don"t know in what stage it is process. Hope the moratorium will complete timely and prisoners will have hope that their cases will be dealt with in a short period of time", - said the minister.