25 February 2021,   14:10
Five drug dealers arrested in Ponichala and Sartichala

Police have detained five drug dealers in Ponichala settlement of Tbilisi and in Sartichala Gardabani municipality.

Police have detained : D.M. (DoB 1983), A.E. (DoB 1981), , P.T. (DoB 1978) , G.A. (DoB 1981) and A.I. (DoB 1982) and seized narcotic drugs in particularly large amount – 11 packages of heroin and GEL 20, 970 as physical evidence.

The detainees have been charged with selling of narcotic drugs illegally and face from 6 to 11 years of imprisonment.

This year, law enforcement seized 26.2 kilograms of "heroin", 2 kilograms of cocaine, 13700 pills of "subutex" and "suboxin", 23.1 kilograms of "md" 9.8 kilograms of psychoactive substance and 1 kg and 600 grams of psychotropic drugs. . 113 persons were arrested on charges of illicit sale of drugs.