21 October 2020,   18:05
New threats from occupied Tskhinvali

The activities of the illegal checkpoint and Georgian security forces near the village of Tsnelisi significantly increases the risk of military threat on the border and may even become the cause of an open armed conflict. Such statement was made by the so-called security committee of Tskhinvali region.

"Georgian provocateurs do not cease their revanchist aspirations and create a hub of instability at the South Ossetian-Georgian border. And Georgian special services have been spreading misinformation over the past two months and misleading not only the Georgian population but also Georgia"s political leaders. Georgian security forces are preparing for a large-scale provocation in the area.

At the border in the villages of Koda, Abano, Kobi, Tsaghvli and Atotsi, they restrict the movement of Georgian activists, media and NGOs to prevent an objective assessment of the situation there. The presence of the policemen and the Georgian checkpoint near the settlement of South Ossetia increases the risk of a military threat that could lead to armed clashes,"- reads in the statement of separatists.