06 October 2022,   21:06
Police arrested one person for illegal import up to 3 kilograms of cocaine to Georgia

The employees of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Customs Department of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance, as a result of joint operative measures and investigative activities, detained Ukrainian citizen S.K. (DoB1995) at Tbilisi International Airport.

Detainee s charged with illegal purchase and storage of narcotics in especially leg quantities and illegal import into Georgia.

The committed crime envisions up to 20 years or life imprisonment.

As a result of the inspection of the luggage of the accused person, the law enforcement officers drugs in especially large quantities, namely up to 3 kilograms of the narcotic drug "cocaine" from the pre-arranged hiding place in his travel bag.

The investigation established that S.K. brought the drug from the Federal Republic of Brazil by plane and brought it to the territory of Georgia.

The investigation into the fact of illegal acquisition and storage of drugs in especially large quantities, and illegal import into Georgia is being conducted under Article 260, Part VI, Sub-paragraph “A” and Article 262, Part IV, Sub-paragraph “A” of the Criminal Code of Georgia.