27 May 2024,   09:46
161st day of Russia-Ukraine war - list of key events

The first shipment of grain to leave Ukraine under a deal to ease Russia’s naval blockade has reached Turkey. The Sierra Leone-registered ship, Razoni, set sail from Odesa port for Lebanon on Monday under an accord brokered by Turkey and the UN. The ship has been inspected by members of the Joint Coordination Centre.

Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed the importance of the first grain export shipment from his country since Russia invaded, saying it was carrying a fraction of the crop Kyiv must sell to help salvage its shattered economy.

Russia has started creating a military strike force aimed at Kryvyi Rih and warned that Moscow could be preparing new offensive operations in southern Ukraine, Ukraine said. Russia holds swathes of Ukraine’s south that it captured in the early phases of its invasion, but Kyiv has said it will mount a counter-offensive.

In its latest operation briefing, Russia’s ministry of defence has claimed that its strike on Radekhiv in the Lviv region “destroyed a storage base with foreign-made weapons and ammunition delivered to the Kyiv regime from Poland”. Earlier today, Lviv’s governor acknowledged the strike, and said “one building was damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

Russia’s supreme court has designated the Azov regiment - a former volunteer battalion that was incorporated into Ukraine’s army - a “terrorist” organization, allowing for lengthy jail terms for its members.

The G7 is threatening to further deprive Russia of revenue by blocking services that enable the transportation of its oil globally if it doesn’t heed the proposed oil price cap. Russia has already stated it will not obey the cap and will ship to nations that don’t support the price ceiling.

Russia has carried out deadly strikes against Ukrainians in the eastern Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions, according to Reuters, which said it was yet to verify the battle reports.