18 April 2024,   08:28
On Friday, August 19, mourning day was declared in Kharkiv

On Friday, August 19, mourning was declared in Kharkiv in memory of those who died as a result of massive missile strikes inflicted by the Russian occupation forces on the city on the evening of August 17 and in the morning of August 18.

“These were the most tragic night and morning in the city of Kharkiv during the entire war. Therefore, we decided that mourning for all the killed will be declared in Kharkiv”, - the administration’s press service said, citing Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

Utilities and rescuers continue to dismantle the rubble of a residential building in Saltivsky district, which was hit by an Iskander rocket the night before. As a result of the shelling, ten people were killed and 20 received various degrees of injuries.

“There are 20 victims in the hospital now. Some are in a more or less stable condition, doctors are now fighting for the lives of some. According to various sources, 3 to 5 more people are under the rubble”, - Terekhov said.