22 May 2024,   00:02
The Special Investigation Service arrested five persons for the violation of the right to privacy

In October of this year, as a result of investigative and procedural actions carries out by the Special Investigation Service, five persons were arrested in various criminal cases on the fact of violating human privacy and illegally obtaining personal correspondence.

According to the investigation conducted by the Special Investigation Service, it was determined that the defendants stored the private correspondence texts, photos and videos depicting the naked bodies of the victims, with whom the defendants were in a relationship at different times.

The defendants posted intimate photos, videos and messages on social media, sharing them with the relatives and friends of the victims via mobile phones. In some cases, the above-mentioned photos and video material were used as a tool of blackmail to continue a relationship with the victim.

Based on the evidence obtained by the Special Investigation Service, the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia charged all five detained persons under Article 57¹, Article 159, Parts 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

The Special Investigation Service continues to investigate the above-mentioned cases.

We would like to remind society that, from March 2022, in addition to the crimes committed by officials, the crimes under Articles 157, 57¹, 158, 159 (accordingly: Disclosure of information on the private life of personal data; Disclosure of secrets of personal life; Violation of the secrecy of private communication; and Violation of personal correspondence, phone conversations or other kinds of communication) have also fallen within the investigative jurisdiction of the Service.