22 April 2024,   16:52
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture hosts the 29th Steering Committee Meeting of the ENPARD

The 29th meeting of the ENPARD Steering Committee was chaired by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.

Otar Shamugia expressed his gratitude and showed appreciation to the European Union for its long-standing cooperation and financial support and emphasized the importance of the aforementioned program.

“The European Union is providing a strong support to Georgia in strengthening the rural and agricultural development and environmental protection areas. With the help of the EU and Donor Organizations, we have successfully completed the three phases of ENPARD. There are still many challenges and I believe that by joint efforts we will be able to effectively reform the sector and get closer to the European Union”, - said Shamugia.

The Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mrs. Nino Tandilashvili briefed the participants on the implementation of the agricultural development strategy, rural development strategy and the relevant action plans.

Within the framework of the 29th meeting of the ENPARD Steering Committee, the conversation touched upon the issues of strengthening the capacities of the National Food Agency, the restoration / rehabilitation of windbreaks, the effective management of pastures, the expansion of protected areas, the development of ecotourism, the importance of bringing legislation closer to EU standards, future plans and activities.