17 June 2024,   08:56
Parliament returns the Draft Law on De-oligarchization to the second reading

The Parliament of Georgia returned the Draft Law on De-oligarchization, which was adopted in two readings, from the 3rd reading to the 2nd - its article-by-article consideration.

According to the Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee, at the plenary session of the Parliament, the reason for this is the conclusion published by the Venice Commission.

“Our task is to continue the committee discussion on the document and clarify the issues that, according to the Venice Commission’s assessment, need to be clarified and corrected”, - explained Anri Okhanashvili.

The Parliament considered and adopted the Draft Law on De-oligarchization in the 2nd reading in November, 2022. The document was developed according to the example of the Ukrainian law with similar content and essentially repeats the norms of the Ukrainian law.

As for the opinion of the Venice Commission, according to the report, the risk of arbitrary application of the Draft Law on De-oligarchization is high in the light of public statements, indicating that once adopted, it will be applied to the opposition.