12 April 2024,   21:22
Police arrested two people in Tbilisi on the fact of group embezzlement of a large amount of money

Employees of the Old Tbilisi Main Division of the Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of operational measures and investigative actions, on charges of misappropriation of a large amount of money by a group with prior agreement, arrested two persons in hot pursuit in Tbilisi: R. Kh. born in 1992 and J. Kh., born in 1983.

The crime is punishable by up to 11 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that R.Kh., who worked as an accountant in one of the companies, together with his brother - J.Kh. planned to embezzle money by staging an attack and illegally obtained GEL 150,000.

Law enforcement officers arrested both persons on the hot trail as accused. The police seized the illegally appropriated money as evidence.

The investigation is being carried out under subsections “a” and “d” of the second part of Article 182 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, as well as subsection “b” of part 3, which implies the embezzlement of a large amount of money by the group using their official position.