22 May 2024,   07:00
We talked about recent developments - Eka Gigauri after the meeting with Annalena Baerbock

The main message of Georgian non-governmental organizations during the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany was that the society in Georgia wants and deserves candidate status of the European Union. Such a statement made Eka Gigauri, Executive Director of Transparency International - Georgia, after the meeting with Annalena Baerbock.

“We talked about recent developments, about what is happening in our country. We discussed the Russian law and the processes that were before and after the initiation of this law. Our main message was that the society in Georgia wants a status from the EU and we deserve this status. We will do everything to get this status, but we need the help of our Western partners. We asked the German Foreign Minister to support our people on this path. The Government is not doing anything for the European future, they are just messing things up.

The fact that the minister first met NGOs was a declaration of support to the civil sector. Although several NGOs attended the meeting, it does not mean that only we are supported. She thanked all of us for the fight that we are having to ensure that the 12 recommendations of the EU are fulfilled. On the one hand, we talked about the challenges that exist, but on the other hand, we said that despite everything, the Georgian people deserve the status”, - said Eka Gigauri.