27 September 2023,   23:08
I think, the Ambassador of the EU made another mistake with this second demarche - Irakli Zarkua

I think that the Ambassador of the European Union made another mistake with this action - all this probably has one conductor. Such a statement made today MP from the Georgian Dream, Irakli Zarkua, while commenting the delivery of a demarche by the 27 EU countries to the Georgian authorities regarding the restoration of direct flights with Russia.

“I think that the Ambassador of the EU made another mistake with this action. As you know, this is a demarche No. 2. I will remind you the first one, when Ambassadors sign a demarche regarding [Mikheil] Saakashvili, where it was written that he was poisoned, that the Government was keeping him in bad conditions. Then the Strasbourg court said that he was not poisoned, and there was no reason to transfer him to another country.

As for the second demarche. We are asked to impose sanctions against our citizens living in Russia, who have been given the opportunity to return to their homeland without a visa, without additional costs. Is this the essence? Well, Russian citizens have been arriving here anyway, from Larsi, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey. What’s the problem? All this seems to have one conductor”, - said Irakli Zarkua.