29 February 2024,   13:31
Belgian museum hosts first solo display of the world-renowned Georgian artist Karlo Kacharava

The Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium, is hosting the first solo exhibition of the world-renowned Georgian artist Karlo Kacharava, as part of Europalia-Georgia cultural initiative.

The exhibition, titled Sentimental Traveller, showcases some of Kacharava’s most significant works [paintings, works on paper and illustrated diaries].

On display until April 15, the event will allow European audiences a rare glimpse into the diverse range of artist’s works during the festival, which holds “special significance for the country’s European future”.

Europalia-Georgia will encompass approximately 60 large-scale events across Belgium and neighbouring countries, including 2 major exhibitions - on avant-garde in Georgia between 1900-1936, hosted at the Center of Fine Arts in Brussels, and on Georgia as a “Meeting Place”, organised at the Royal Museum of History and Art in Brussels.