29 February 2024,   11:58
Israel claims to have struck 200 “terror targets” within Gaza Strip

Israel’s military has issued a situational update, in which it claims that “ground troops are continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip in parallel to Israeli air force strikes on approximately 200 Hamas terror targets”, writes The Guardian.

“It writes: IDF troops struck terror infrastructure located inside a school in Beit Hanoun, from which an attack on the troops was carried out. In the compound were two tunnel shafts, including a booby-trapped one, explosives, and additional weapons.

In addition, an IDF aircraft struck vehicles containing missiles, mortar shells, and weapons, thwarting an imminent attack against IDF soldiers. An additional IDF aircraft struck military infrastructure designated for ambushing the troops with anti-tank missiles.

IDF troops directed an aircraft to strike a cell of terrorists. Following this, a weapons storage facility from which the terrorists exited was struck as well.

Furthermore, overnight the Israeli Navy struck a number of Hamas terror targets, assisting with the reinforcement of ground troops. The Hamas terror targets included observation posts belonging to the Hamas naval forces and terrorist infrastructure at the Gaza harbor. The forces also struck with precise munitions Hamas military compounds.

The claims have not been independently verified.

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza has issued casualty figures claiming that at least 15,523 Palestinians, including 6,600 children, have been killed by Israeli military action since 7 October, with a further 41,316 injured. It says that at least 6,800 people are missing”.