04 March 2024,   20:58
Germany’s Baerbock chides Orbán and Serbia in fiery remarks

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock urged Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to drop his vetoes on launching EU enlargement talks with Ukraine and approving fresh cash for Kyiv, writes POLITICO.

Baerbock also lashed out at Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić for cozying up to Russia and putting his political opposition at a disadvantage ahead of upcoming elections.

She reacted critically to the latest threat issued by Orbán on Monday. The Hungarian leader wrote to European Council President Charles Michel to urge him to remove talks on opening accession negotiations with Ukraine from the agenda of next week’s EU leaders’ summit.

“We have no time for games at this moment,” Baerbock said in Ljubljana. “If we are in a situation where peace in Europe is under attack, then we must do everything we can every day and every hour to protect our people, and even more so the people of Ukraine, in the best possible way”.