16 April 2024,   08:29
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 4 foreign citizens for drug-related crimes

Employees of the Central Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and Adjara police departments, as a result of complex operational measures and investigative activities, arrested 2 citizens of China and Germany, as well as 2 persons with dual citizenship of Russia and Ukraine, on charges of drug-related crimes.

P.K. (DoB 1995) was detained for illegal purchase, storage and smuggling of narcotic through Georgian border.

On charges of illegal purchase and storage of narcotic drugs in especially large quantities committed in group, as well as a large amount of psychotropic substances by prior agreement the following persons were detained : Kh.V. (DoB 1994), I.B. (DoB 1971) B.B. (DoB 1972).

The committed crime envisions up to 20 years or life imprisonment.

The investigation of the case established that the defendants were involved in a drug-related crime scheme. One of them, P.K (DoB 1995) arrived to Georgia from one of the European countries through Tbilisi Airport. Based on operational information, his personal search was carried out at the airport.

During the search of the defendants" residential places, personal search and search activities held in their means of transport, various types of narcotics were seized as evidence, including “cocaine”, “MDMA”, “methamphetamine”, “methadone” and substances containing the psychotropic drug - ketamine.

Cash, materials needed for packaging narcotics and electric scales were also seized by law enforcers as evidence.

The investigation is being conducted under Articles 260, 261 and 262 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.