16 April 2024,   09:23
Prosecutor’s Office charged 2 employees of Tsalenjikha City Hall with taking a large amount of bribe

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia filed charges against two employees of the Tsalenjikha Municipality City Hall on the fact of accepting a large amount of bribe by the group with a prior agreement.

“The investigation conducted by the Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service established that in February 2024, the head of the economy and infrastructure development service, sectoral economy, property management and statistics department and the senior specialist of the finance-budget service, financial supervision and accounting department of the Tsalenjikh municipality city hall , 20,000 GEL was demanded and taken from the citizen in the form of a bribe, in exchange for auctioning the 1,550 sq m plot of land located in the territory of the municipality.

Police detained the accused on February 26. They were charged under subsections “b” and “c” of article 338, part 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia [collecting a large amount of bribe by an official in a group by prior agreement], which provides for imprisonment from 7 to 11 years.

The agency applies to the court within the time limit established by the law with a motion to extend the imprisonment of the defendants as a preventive measure.