29 May 2024,   09:19
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 7 people connected with the “Thieves World”, while 5 people were charged in absentia

The employees of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, along with the General Prosecutor’s Office, as a result of complex operational measures and investigative actions, arrested 7 people connected to the “Thieves World” in Tbilisi, Kareli and Gori, based on the judge’s decision.

5 persons: V.C. (DoB 1986, icknamed “Tsknafa”) and 4 “thieves in law” living abroad: Ariki Mikhael (DoB 1961, nicknamed “Iziki”); Ilya Gagloev, (DoB 1981, nicknamed “Ilo Kaliningradsky”); Paata Vashakidze (DoB 1974, nicknamed “Eshkha”) and Malkhaz Darchiev, nicknamed “Makho”, (DoB 1982) were charged in absentia.

On the charges of membership of “Thieves World” and supporting the activities of “Thieves World” the following persons were detained: G. Ch., (DoB 2000); Z.G (DoB 1972, nicknamed “Bakha”) and persons convicted in the past: D.G. (DoB 1981, nicknamed “Shramian”); M.B., (DoB 1981), G.K. (DoB 1995), Z.D. (DoB 1978), and D.I., (DoB 1995, nicknamed “Shock”).

The committed crimes envision up to 15 years in prison.

As a result of an intensive investigation, including covert investigative actions based on a judge’s ruling, it was established that a Georgian citizen living abroad approached members of the “thieves world” and asked to resolve the conflict in exchange for financial benefits. In turn, the members of the “thieves’ world” involved “thieves in law” in the case.

The money received for solving the mentioned conflict was appropriated by them and did not pay their share to “thieves in law”, namely to Ilia Gagloev alias and Paata Vashakidze.

The “thieves in law” became aware of the money appropriated for the activities of the “thieves’ world”, and a “thieves” trial was organized to discuss this action. In the criminal skirmish “thieves in law” - Arik Mykhaeli, nicknamed “Izik” and Malkhaz Darchiev, nicknamed “Makho” were also involved.

At the same time, as a result of the criminal investigation, D.I., (DoB 1995), was arrested by the law enforcement officers on the charge of supporting the activities of the “Thief’s World” (nicknamed “Shock”), who acted in the name of a “thief in law” residing abroad and forced the disputing party to pay a certain sum of money in favor of the other party.

As a result of the personal search and search activities held in residential houses of the defendants, the police seized computer equipment and mobile phones, through which they communicated with each other and with the “thieves in law” living abroad.

The investigation is being conducted under article 223 (1) I part, the second part of Article 223 (1) and the second part of Article 223 (3) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.