27 May 2024,   10:41
Legal Affairs Committee to listen to 3 candidates for the CEC chairmanship and membership

Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament will listen to 3 candidates for the chairmanship and membership of the Central Election Commission.

At today’s meeting of the committee, the candidate for the chairmanship of the CEC, Giorgi Kalandarishvili and 3 candidates for professional membership: Maya Zaridze, Giorgi Sharabidze and Gia Tsatsashvili will be heard.

With the changes implemented in the Election Code, the process of electing the chairman and members of the CEC by the Parliament has 3 stages. In particular, 90 votes are needed in the 1st voting. If 90 votes cannot be secured, the nominated candidate will be elected with 76 votes. It will be possible to receive support with 76 votes twice for specific candidates. Candidates elected with 76 votes will start exercising their powers for a period of 5 years.