23 May 2024,   12:43
EU leaders back new sanctions on Iran drone, missile producers after attack on Israel

European Union leaders agreed to impose new sanctions on Iran’s drone and missile producers over Tehran’s unprecedented weekend attack on Israel, EU chief Charles Michel said, writes The Times of Israel.

“We have decided to put in place sanctions against Iran, it is a clear signal that we wanted to send”, - the European Council president said at an EU summit in Brussels. “The idea is to target the companies that are needed for the drones, for the missiles”.

Iran launched an unprecedented drone and missile onslaught over the weekend against Israel, which caused little damage after most of the projectiles were intercepted. Tehran’s first-ever direct assault on Israeli soil was in retaliation for an alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus that killed seven Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members, including two generals.

Israel has signaled that it will respond but has not said how. EU leaders condemned the Iranian attack, reaffirmed their commitment to Israel’s security and called on all sides to prevent more tensions, including in Lebanon.

The EU leaders in their statement from the summit urged “all parties to exercise the utmost restraint and to refrain from any action that may increase tensions in the region”.