20 May 2024,   07:37
This will be the stadium of high standards - Kaladze

Construction of a sports stadium at the PM’s initiative will be a mega project for our country and the capital city. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“Georgian football and rugby players deserve a new stadium… I will personally be involved in this mega project deserved by the Georgian football and rugby players and their supporters, who especially love these two sports,” he said.

The stadium of modern standards will benefit the country and allow Tbilisi to host high-level competitions.

This will be the stadium of high standards that will allow hosting high-level matches in Tbilisi by attracting more visitors, getting familiar with our country, Georgian sports and the culture of different nations. You know that the current stadiums do not meet the standards to hold the final of the Champions League. Therefore, the decision is significant”, - said Kakha Kaladze.