22 June 2024,   19:30
Zelensky plans visit to France to ask NATO to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine - POLITICO

President of Ukraine plans to attend June’s D-Day commemorations in France, followed by a G7 meeting in Italy, where he will ask Ukraine’s partners to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine, provide more assistance to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and seize Russian assets, writes POLITICO.

“Volodymyr Zelensky’s schedule could always change, both people emphasised.

But if all goes to plan, Zelensky is expected to use this trip to call, as he has in recent interviews, for more military support from the West and ask for NATO to shoot down Russian missiles like the United States and [the] United Kingdom did when Iran attacked Israel.

Zelensky will also demand that the US and European countries seize Russian assets to help fund Ukraine’s defence and eventual reconstruction”.

The newspaper notes that Zelensky’s plans are particularly noteworthy as he has recently cancelled foreign trips because Russia launched a large-scale offensive in Kharkiv Oblast.

“Ukraine is also in desperate need of continued support and global attention, and the trip would give him time with world leaders – including President Joe Biden – to plead his nation’s case”, Politico wrote.

Zelenskyy plans to travel to Italy for the G7 summit after he visits France.

The newspaper recalls that for months, members of the group have been debating the feasibility of using hundreds of billions of seized Russian assets to strengthen Ukraine"s defence and economy, citing legal difficulties and fears that Moscow could do the same to Western countries. The United States and the United Kingdom have strongly supported the idea, while some European members, such as Germany, are more sceptical.

The issue roiled an earlier G7 meeting of finance ministers, where European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde argued forcefully against the full seizure of Russian assets to loan to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy would likely use the opportunity with heads of state and governments to try to convince the doubters”, - concluded POLITICO.