20 June 2024,   09:53
Imprisonment imposed on Kazerashvili and Adeishvili as a preventive measure remained unchanged

In the case of November 7, the defendants Daviდ Kezerashvili and Zurab Adeishvili, who are wanted, have been detained as a preventive measure.

The said decision was made by the panel of judges of the Tbilisi City Court. At today’s session, only Kezerashvili and Adeishvili’s relative imprisonment was reviewed.

As the prosecutor Lasha Kotrikadze explained during the trial, the preventive measure used with the defendants should have been imprisonment: “Both defendants are wanted, therefore, all the threats that were taken into account at the first presentation session and subsequently, left in force many times, are still present. No new circumstances have been revealed, we are still advocating that the imprisonment be left in force”.