23 May 2024,   22:52
Company transpoting Ivanishvili`s trees, halts projects of national importance

In 2013, the company Zimo took obligation to construct in seven months water supply system for the prison under construction in the village of Laituri.. According to the government, supplying the prison with water was the issue of the national importance which is why the contract with Zimo was signed without competition .

During three years and a half the contract with Ltd Zimo has been extended four times, but Laituri prison still does not have water .

Zimo company, which has received nearly 7 million on the basis of a simplified procurement contract was included in the report of the Transparency International.

The company had seven month for spending 7 million on construction. Zimo has started the construction of water supply system , but the commitment has not been accomplished. As the company explains the reasons for the delay it is connected with the fact that the construction of prison is still and the supply of water is not that urgent any more.