19 June 2024,   07:20
Investigation of P.S.- video allegedly depicting Mukhtarli`s movement was deleted

Another scandal connected to kidnapping of Azeri journalist. It is not excluded that the video footage, where the movement of the Afgan Mukhtarly was fixed has been intentially deleted. The detainee`s lawyer has questions with the investigative agency.

Archil Chopikashvili will appeal to the investigative body today. He once more requests that the Ministry of Internal Affairs removes the footage from all the video cameras that could be depicting the journalist`s kidnapping.

It is not yet known whether the Interior Ministry will publish video materials of Afgan Mukhtarli"s case, but the P.S. has got hold from a confidential source of one episode of the Azerbaijani journalist`s route.

The video footage shows that suddenly the shot stops and in one second it changes to a different shot. According to the video material, the rainy weather changes to the sunny one, the picture and layout of the parked cars is also different.