23 May 2024,   15:59
Exclusive photos of those liquidated during special operation,

The secret source provided to P.S. exclusive photos of the special operation carried out on Gabriel Salosi Street on November 22.

The photos of the terrorist are so clear that people who are familiar with them will be able to recognize them.

The identity of the victims is not known yet, but the Head of the State Security Service did not rule out that Akhmed Chataev should be among them. Consequently, the exclusive photos provided by P.S. may be one of the leaders of the Islamic State.

The secret source also confirms that he has firearms that terrorists used a few days ago against special forces group. He sent photos to P.S.

In addition, P.S. was also provided with photos that were released on all border crossings of Georgia. According to this information, there were not four but six people in the apartment that over one hundred members of the Special Forces attempted to take by storm. According to the source, after the special operation, two men managed to escape and they were being searching for by the investigation.

All these raises additional questions about the quality of the special operation .
If that is true, it turns out that a weapon that was used by terrorists on that day is no longer in the case, because someone stole it silently and nobody knew about it and no one knew it until now.