30 November 2021,   23:00
US ambassador denies information that the US side participated in special operation on Gabriel Salosi Street


The United States has questions about the anti-terrorist operation carried out in Tbilisi. Jan Kelly, the US Ambassador  made this statement after meeting with the Chairman of Parliament. The US ambassador denied the information that the US side was involved in the Special Operation of November 22. The Ambassador explained that the FBI experts are involved only  in the investigation process  and provide technical assistance to  Georgian law enforcers.

 The US ambassador wants to know whether Ahmed Chataev was killed in the special operation and was he in Georgia at all? Ian Kelly said that the investigation should answer these question.


Georgian opposition also speaks about unanswered questions.  Minority MPs say that suspicions have emerged especially after the head of the State Security Service  have partially confirmed that one of the killed individuals may be Akhmed Chataev. The opposition wants to know, how the international terrorist has crossed the border. UNM and European Georgia summon  a head of the State Security Service to the parliament, while the majority thinks that it is a political opposition.