29 May 2022,   10:13
Electricity tax may increase - energy companies openly talk about the increase in tariffs

From next year, the electricity cost may increase. Energy companies are already openly talking about this issue. The energy regulatory commission is preparing for the session at the end of December, where a new tariff will be set.

If the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission considers that in the next 3 years the expenditures of electricity and water supply companies will increase, the regulatory commission will icrease the rate of tariffs.

It is already known that hydro power plants are demanding increase of tariffs. Enguri Hydro Power Company has presented a three-year investment plan at the GNCC meeting today,according to which the expenditures are expected to increase, and accordingly, the management of hydroelectric power does not exclude tariff increase.

According to experts, growth of consumer tariffs is expected. Depreciation of national currency is one of the main reasons for calculations of specialists.

After the change of electricity tariffs entrepreneurs talk about the increase of prices for products and services.