17 May 2022,   11:44
"They hit me in the head," - law enforcement officials blamed in beating

Another accusation against law enforcers - a man accused of attempted robbery blames the police for abuse of the power, inhumane treatment and illegal deprivation of liberty.

The expertise conclusion also confirms the fact of physical abuse. Yesterday, Levan Kupatadze and Davit Saralidze were summoned to the polce Division of Saburtalo district where the investigation wanted to take another biological sample against their will .

" I was pushed nto a small car and beaten non-stop, they put hand cuffs on me, "-
Davit Saralidze said.

According to the attorneys" of the suspects, the law enforcers are trying to improve statistics of unopened cases by falsifying evidence. The lawyers ask the new minister of internal affairs to take the case under hs personal control.