22 January 2022,   12:02
Law on Broadcasting - President met with management of Public Broadcaster

After the meeting with the representatives of NGOs and media companies, the president met with the management of the Public Broadcaster. General Director of Georgian Public Broadcasting Vasil Maghlaperidze and his deputies have tried for almost 2 hours to convince the President that their decision was fair and other TV stations would not be affected by this amendment . The meeting was not attended by members of the Public Broadcaster`s Board.

The case concerns the bill on Public Broadcaster, which was passed by the Parliament with the second hearing. According to the amendments, the Public Broadcaster is entitled to air commercial advertisements during the day.

According to Vasil Maglaperidze, General Director of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, he does not have information about why the board members did not attend the meeting with the President.

"It was a very interesting meeting in a business situation. I think that the more such business meetings will be, the more people will get to know the situation. I do not know why board members were not present, we were invited and we arrived. As regards to procurement, purchases that have been debated for so long, this fact was in reality just a speculation, "said Vasil Maglaperidze.

Director General of Adjara TV Natia Kapanadze did not attend the meeting of the president and public broadcaster management. She said that they were not invited to the meeting in this format.