29 May 2022,   08:58
Special Operation in Pankisi Gorge - One of the detainees is suspected of cooperation with Chataev

A special operation is underway in the Pankisi Gorge. About 60 officers of the special forces are mobilized in front of Vakho Machalikashvili"s house in the village of Duisi. According to the preliminary information, three persons were detained, two of them- Temirlan and Ruslan Machalikashvilishave been detained in the village of Duisi.

A resident of the village Omalo, Bado Chopanashvili, has been detained in his own house as well. Reportedly he is accused of cooperating with Akhmet Chataev.

The special operation is supposedly related to a special operation on Gabriel Salai Avenue a month ago.