25 May 2022,   10:08
"New Year gift to us - price for electricity, water and gas has increased" - increase of tariffs for population will be heavy burden

Starting from January 1, 2018, electricity, gas and water taxes will increase. The ncreased tariffs will be a heavy burden for the population.

70-year-old Madonna Gabadadze says that the new 2018 will be the worst in her life. The single pensioner took a loan from the bank for treatment years ago and pays 100 lari from the pension to the bank, after the increase of prices for utility bills, she is destined to hunger and cold.

"The New Year gift was given to us - electricity, water and gas got more expensive. I do not want such country or existence in this country. The sooner I die, the better, "- said Madona Gabadadze.

69-year-old Mariam Kamushadze does not have heating at home, for the sake of economy.

The hard new year comes for 79-year-old Leila Kavtaradze and 80-year-old Venera Khrikuli, single pensioners will have nothing on the table. Pensions are spent on medicines and because they do not have money, they are not paying for water for several months