17 June 2024,   04:10
140 thousand lari penalty to the group working on Tbilisi general plan -architects talk about unfairness of the fine

The final lands use plan of tBilisi is espected to be submitted to theTbilisi City Hall is today. The members of the group say that most of the remarks provided by the Architecture Service are considered, but they are talking about the need for additional consultations before final approval.

The architects want to persuade the representatives of the City Hall in the unfairness of the penalty. The City Hall has recently imposed a fine of GEL 140,000 on the group working on the general plan because the group failed to take into account their remarks.

The architect, Merab Bolkvadze notes that the contract is not drawn up properly.

"We want to justify and explain that some of the remarks are not acceptable," said the architect.

The head of the Tbilisi Architecture Service, Teimuraz Boltashvili says that the document has gaps.