18 June 2024,   23:28
The way out is the resignation or dismissal of the GPB management - Media experts speak of Ratiani case

According to media experts, in the case of poet Zviad Ratiani, who blames police in beating him , it is evident that the public broadcaster is diverging from its real function and purpose. According to NGO members, ethical norms were violated by dissemination of video depicting the poet on the public broadcaster. The "Charter of Journalistic Ethics" states that this case should not be left without a response.

"The public broadcaster is very distracted from its own mission, its priorities and the responsibility is on the general director and the board of trustees", Nata Dzvelishvili, executive director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, said.

Media researchers say that the only adequate solution is the resignation or dismissal of the GPB management..

"Zviad Ratiani"s case is the last drop when we all see when the TV funded with our money is trying to manipulate public opinion as it used to happen in the Soviet Union. The only solution is the resignation or ror dismissal of management, "said media researcher Nino Danelia.