17 June 2024,   04:56
Signs of positive dynamics were noticed today - doctor on health condition of Temirlan Machalikashvili

"We do not have information about the transfer yet, we are waiting for information from Istanbul and Austrian clinics," said Zaza Lursmanashvili, clinical manager of St. Michael"s Archangel Hospital, on the possibility of transferring abroad for the treatment of 19-year-old Temirlan Machalikashvili.

One of the clinics in Austria expressed readiness toreceive the injured Tamirlan Machalakashvili wounded during the special operation in Pankisi. However, according to Zaza Lursmanashvili, the clinic has not yet received official information from the Ministry of Health.

He also talked about the risks of the patient"s transfer and noted that transportation of such a serious patient involves certain risks.

According to him, information about receiving consent from one of the clinics of Austria they learned from the family and now are waiting for official confirmation.

"The health condition of the patient still remains severe, but there is a slight stabilization, signs of positive dynamic appeared today," said Zaza Lursmanashvili.

Temirlan Machalikashvili was wounded during a special operation in Pankisi. The state security employees arrested 4 persons as a result of the special operation, which the court left in the preliminary custody.

They are accused of having connections with Chataev and his group.