06 October 2022,   21:07
Twenty-year-old man, searched for more than a week, found killed

The young man who has been searched for more than a week was found killed. Law enforcers found Davit Toryishvili"s body in Ortachala, in the parking lot of the residential houses The young man under the age of 20 was wounded in the neck, the corpse has traces of physical violence.

The investigation began into the intentional murder. Expert criminalists were working all night long. The young man who graduated from the school last year was lost 10 days ago. He was last spotted by the surveillance cameras.
at one of the petrol stations in the end of Gulia Street, observed
The young man was remembers since he entered the shop.He was beaten in and called his friend. The family members and relatives of the young man do not speak on the motives of the incident.