18 May 2024,   10:58
What is people`s opinion in Georgia - NDI will publish public research results today

What is people`s opinion in Georgia .Today, the American National Democratic Institute will publish public survey results. In addition to the occupied regions throughout Georgia, more than 2200 people were interviewed during the survey.
Which state institution do you trust ? What is the main challenge faced by the country? Has your life changed for the better? - The results of these and other questions of public opinion poll will be announced in a few hours.
And tomorrow NDI will publish the political part of the survey regarding which political party and politician are trusted by the population most.
"The survey was conducted after the end of the second tour of the local elections, we are going to have a review of this period, we will talk about how people perceive it, we have received not one report from international and local observation missions, but it is also interesting what the citizens of Georgia are thinking about it . What are people thinking about NATO and the EU and joining these organizations, "said Laura Thornton, director of the US National Democratic Institute (NDI) Georgia Office.