05 December 2023,   03:36
Individual interrogated on Samson Kutateladze"s murder case detained for illegal storage of cartridges

"Courier" reports that Giorgi Chanturia is the last person, who saw General Samson Kutateladze before his murders, Reportedly his family was the shareholder of the so-called Istanbul Market.

Giorgi Chanturia was a prosecutor in Kakheti a few years ago and now he works as a Commissioner in Rustavi. Chanturia was questioned in regard to Kutateladze"s case. After questioning, law enforcers conducted the investigative actions at Chanturia"s house.

Aleksandre Kobaidze, the Lawyer says that Chanturia is charged under Article 236, which implies illegal possession of the cartridges.

" His parents were questioned today, who confirmed that the cartridges belong to his father, who owned arms legally for a certain period," - The lawyer said.

According to the lawyer the investigation got interested in investigating the interests of the general business.