02 October 2022,   21:08
No to drug punting! End the Impunity! - Civil sector is preparing for rally in support of actor Giorgi Giorganashvili

A protest rally will be held in front of the parliament building in support of Giorgi Giorganashvili.

The action will be organized by the civil sector at 18:00 and its participants are protesting against the 8-year imprisonment sentence for the actor. In parallel, they have already begun to collect signatures on the pardoning petition.

Several requests will be put on the rally, one of the main requests is to release Giorgi Giorganashvili and punish the policeman who planted drugs on the actor.
In addition, today"s rally demanding a timely liberalization of the drug policy. According to the organizers of the rally, it is not a single person"s problem and hundreds of people have become victims of the law.
The Prosecutor"s Office has already started investigation on the alleged abuse by the law enforcers on the case of actor Giorgi Giorganashvili.