02 October 2022,   19:40
"Georgian Dream" has a high legitimation, therefore, the number of donors is much higher - Mamuka Mdinaradze

The Chairman of the Faction "Georgian Dream" responded to the results of the monitoring published by the Audit Service. According to which, 15 million from the donation of 16 million GEL during the local self-government elections in 2017 was donated to "Georgian Dream" .

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the number of "Georgian Dream" donors can be explained by the fact that the party has great support in society.

The ruling team denies the opposition"s allegations that the business is under pressure in the country.

"The Georgian Dream has all the data and the recent elections proved that it has high legitimation and support in the society, and therefore the number of donors is much more than in other parties I think this will continue, and most importantly,business is free in Georgia , "- said Mamuka Mdinaradze.