05 December 2023,   02:05
Funding of Public Broadcaster - media organizations meet with the Chairman of the Parliament

Media organizations urge the Chairman of the Parliament to take the motivated remarks of the President into consideration. Representatives of private televisions address Irakli Kobakhidze not to overcome the President"s veto in regard to the Law on Broadcasting.

According to them if Georgian Public Broadcaster receives the right on commercial advertising it will damage private televisions.

"On one side is the Public Broadcaster and on another side, all the rest TV spectrum, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and now we have veto as well," said Nana Abudjanidze. Commercial Director of TV Pirveli.

Representatives of private TV companies welcomed the meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament, but they do not expect that the meeting will bring real results.

"Maybe it is a formal meeting and it will not have real results," - said Tamta Muradashvili, a lawyer for Rustavi 2, said.

Vakho Khumismi, head of the news service of TV company "Iberia" hopes that the parliament will not overcome the president"s veto.