30 November 2023,   21:41
Opposition rules Ivanishvili participation in the presidential election

"Ivanishvili will not take this trouble," - said Roman Gotsiridze, the chairperson of the parliamentary faction "National Movement", about Ivanishvili"s possible nomination as a presidential candidate.

Roman Gotsiridze confirms that Grigol Vashadze is considered as one of the candidates for the presidential elections from the "National Movement".

Giorgi Tugushi, member of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom", excludes Ivanishvili"s candidacy from the ruling party as president because he says that the former prime minister is advocating an informal management style.

"I do not think he will deprive himself of this comfort, even if it is participating in the presidential election," said Tugushi.

Giorgi Tugushi notes that "European Georgia" will name a candidate chosen for a presidential election in spring. Tugushi also noted that "European Georgia" plans to consult with all the pro-Western forces.