25 June 2024,   08:28
President"s administration responds to the initiative of parliamentary majority

The presidential administration responds to the initiative of the parliamentary majority, according to which pardoning the convicted in exchange for concrete benefits will be considered as a hindrance to justice.

According to Giorgi Margvelashvili"s political adviser, Georgian Dream attempts to deceive the society and if the ruling team actually wants to improve the system, people involved in systemic crimes still remain in on their positions should be dismissed.

"In order to prevent our country from a systemic offence that has been pointed out by the Strasbourg Court, it is necessary to make relevant changes in all the sectors involved in this systemic crimes. These are first of all prosecutors who represent the main axis in the execution of systemic offences and their removal from the relevant system, "Pikria Chikhradze said.

According to Chikhradze, cases of those persons who are in prisons and illegally detained during systemic violations should be reconsidered.