29 November 2021,   10:26
Number of supporters to join NATO and the EU declining since 2012 - CRRC survey results

Most of the Georgian population still support the Euro-Atlantic foreign policy, but this number is decreasing. According to the Caucasus Research Resource Center, the number of supporters to join NATO and the EU has been steadily declining since 2012.

Experts link this trend to specific factors and advise the government to act on the appropriate strategy.

According to the CRRC survey, 41% of the population is openly supporting membership of Georgia in the North Atlantic Alliance, 26% partially support the membership. Similar to the NATO membership , most of the respondents have a desire to join the EU. 45% said that the country needs to join the EU and is an active supporter of it.

The number of those willing to join the Eurasian Union is low. Only 19% of population expressed desire to enter into a union created by Russia.

The population considers the United States as the main friend of Georgia. The interviewees name Russia as the main enemy of the country.

Experts urge the government to counter Russia with an anti-Western propaganda strategic plan.

People"s attitude towards foreign policy priorities was analyzed in autumn of 2017, 4 months ago.