16 September 2019,   19:21
Meeting with Minister of Internal Affairs has not started yet - " White Noise" discuss details with NGOs

A meeting which should be held at 10:00 this morning between the Minister of Internal Affairs and representatives of non-governmental organizations, has not started yet.

The meeting was delayed till 11:00 with the request of " White Noise" representatives. However the meeting room is still empty.
Reportedly the Interior Minister is already in place and waiting for the decision of the other party.

Deputy Minister Natia Mezvrishvili, Director of the Criminal Police Department Lado Bortsvadze and Beka Dochviri, the Head of the Legal Department are already on the place.

Beka Tsikarishvili and Davit Subeliani, as well as Sopho Verdzuli and a Public Defender, will attend the negotiating representing the other party.