22 March 2019,   23:28
Lari impairment, inflation and the country"s financial situation - National Bank President will report to legislators

The President of the National Bank of Georgia will discuss the issues of impairment, inflation and the country"s financial status. Koba Gvenetadze will attend the sitting of Finance and Budget Committee.

"I think it will be an important report of the President of the National Bank. It is very interesting to us in terms of supervision of commercial banking sector in terms of financial sustainability. With regard to high inflation, which has been obsrved during the past year and from which Georgian population is suffering, I will have questions, "- said Irakli Kovzanadze, Chairman of the Finance Budget Committee.

The president of the National Bank will probably only have to answer questions of part of the MPs because the representatives of the United National Movement do not intend to debate with him.

The MPs think that the bank"s work is ineffective and the questions do not make sense.