20 August 2019,   01:47
Threating with rape - 21-year-old accuses police of physical pressure

21-year-old young man accused police officers of threatening with rape. Giorgi Chania, who is accused of robbery, claims that he pleaded guilty in committimg the crime, which he did not commit after the brutal pressure and violence.

According to him, after 6 hours of physical and psychological pressure, he was forced to admit the crime that he did not commit.

Giorgi Chania says that he was forced to sign on an empty sheet of paper and was taken to the pre-detention isolator, and in several hours he was officially charged with robbery.

Chania links the pressure with the incident that he had with one of the policemen before being arrested. He claims that detective-investigators had asked him to cooperate with him and inform police before the threat of rape, and after his refusal he was arrested for robbery.

Together with Giorgi Chania, his friend Khvicha Papava was also charged with grave crime. Relatives of the detainee allege that the confession was obtained from the police by force

Giorgi Chania and Khvicha Papava are charged with the robbery that took place on April 5 in Senaki. According to the case materials, young people
took from the victim a mobile phone and 48 GEL. The victim himself failed to recognize any accused at the trial. Because of the absence of evidence, the court dismissed the accused in the grave crime on bail.